Submit a Ticket

This form is for our Sales Team to request an RMA for either credit or a warranty. It's the salesperson's job to do the following BEFORE submitting this form:

  1. Is the Material in NEW and Unused Condition?
    1. If Yes, Proceed to #2
    2. If No, Is this a warranty request - Proceed to #3
    3. If No, Is this intended to go back into DFC Stock? - RMA will be rejected. Material must be in NEW and Unused condition in original box. 
  2. Is this Material normally stocked at DFC?
    1. If Yes, Okay to fill out the form
    2. If No, Proceed to #3
  3. If Salesperson MUST Request an RMA from Vendor and receive RMA paperwork PRIOR to filling out this form.

Sales Person to inform the customer of the following:

  • Material cannot be delivered to Manufacturer or DFC without receiving the necessary RMA Paperwork. 
  • RMAs can take up to 3-4 weeks to process depending on our Manufacturer's RMA Process. Please be patient
  • By Diversified Fluid Controls Receiving your return into our warehouse does not mean that we guarantee approval of the return and will issue a
Separate email addresses with a comma.
List each item with Quantity and exact Part Number from Sales Order

(4) MPV040-4
(1) AC04-125